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There are lots of tools that will help you find an image online. Type in some keywords, and they look for images that seem to be relevant to those terms. That may mean that the images are a part of some collection, or that they appear on web pages that include those terms in their text.

What if you need to go the other direction? Suppose you have an image and you want to know where it came from? Now you're not searching for text associated with a particular image—you're actually looking for that image itself. While handy, that's really not something that's been available before.

Enter TinEye. Upload your image, and TinEye digs through its database to see where your file came from. Certainly they don't have every image from the Web in their system, but their database is constantly growing. By looking at your image and creating a digital "fingerprint" of it, they can then take that and compare it with other images they've already indexed. This allows them to correctly identify images—complete or partial—that match yours, even if it's been cropped, color-adjusted, or even rotated. They don't depend on facial recognition technology, watermarks, or any other particular part of the image's content.

TinEye is a free online service.

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  1. Hat says:

    I have been using TinEye for a month now and it is incredibly useful and uncannily accurate. I find it especially useful for seeing if there are higher resolution versions of an image available.

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