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They're all files. Whether you're talking about documents, images, web pages, applications, or any of dozens of other chunks of information on your system, what you've got is a bunch of files. Whether it's your vacation photos, or the specifications for your next project, it'd be nice to have a way to keep track of all of these guys.

You can always organize files by dropping them into appropriately-named folders. That works fine until you have a file that belongs in two different folders. Now you have to crate elaborate lists of shortcuts, aliases, symbolic links, or other "tricks" to let a file live in two places at once. Or maybe you can start "tagging" files with TaggedFrog.

TaggedFrog is a tool that lets you assign tags to your files. Now when you flag a file as being part of the "Smith Proposal" or the "new product rollout", it doesn't make any difference where the file lives, because TaggedFrog will keep track of them all for you. Just choose a file—or files—and drag them into the app, assign some appropriate keywords, and you're done. Now it's easy to keep track of which files belong to which project, and that lets you focus on getting your work done, instead of getting bogged-down in the minutia of file management.

TaggedFrog is a Windows application. It runs under XP (SP2) or Vista, and requires Version 2.0 of the .NET Framework.

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