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Most modern computer operating systems include a calculator application as part of their built-in suite of tools. But few of them include a calculator like SpeedCrunch.

Not just a replacement for your system's built-in calculator, SpeedCrunch has more to offer than your desktop 10-key as well. Along with doing simple math, you can throw much more complex problems at it, and walk away satisfied.

Rather than having to figure out how to enter your numbers—do I hit the "+" key before or after the numbers I want to add—or working with an unfamiliar format like RPN, literally all you have to do is to type your equation into the app, and it returns your answer. It supports variables, so it's easy to carry a result from one calculation over into the next. If you're entering complicated equations with multiple levels of grouping, its syntax highlighting will help you to see whether your parentheses match your logic.

SpeedCrunch supports several keyboard shortcuts that make data entry and export easy. And it keeps a list of the last hundred expressions you've entered, so you don't have to re-type complicated equations that you've already input.

SpeedCrunch is available for several flavors of Linux. It's also available as a Universal Binary for your OS X Mac, and runs under 10.3 or later. And there's a Win version as well, that runs under Windows NT/2000 and newer.

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