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You've just finished a letter to mom, or a report for your boss, or a maybe a nastygram to send to that broker who had you invest heavily in pork bellies. If you wrote that letter in Microsoft Word and you're sending off a DOC file, you may want to stop for just a minute.

DOC files can contain more that just the document that you can see in looking at the page. There's all kinds of other stuff in there as well, and some of it might be more than a little embarrassing to you.

When you save a DOC in Word, you're also saving a history of revisions to that document, your name, the number of changes you've made, how long you worked on it, and a lot more. Sometimes none of that is going to mean anything, but other times you might not want you recipient to know everything about the history of your document.

DocScrubber is a tool that can help you to clean up your Word DOCs. It can list all the meta information that's being carried around by your file, and let you remove it if you'd like. It works on individual files, or you can choose multiple files, or even entire folders to clean up. Now nobody will ever know that you originally addressed your letter to "You Doofus" instead of "Dear Mr. Jones."

DocScrubber is a Windows application. It's free for all users, and runs under all versions from Windows 98 on up.

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    ok i wanted some u r data

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