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runs on Windows
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Got a bunch of JPEG images to organize or otherwise deal with? TNGen is a free tool that can give you a hand.

TNGen (Thumbnail Generator) will take your directory full of .jpg images and create thumbnails for you. Now instead of just a pile of files with random alphanumeric names, you can see the pretty pictures those files contain. Once you've got your thumbnails, you can start to get organized.

Along with generating the thumbnails themselves, TNGen will create an HTML gallery page for you, or even a slide show that lets you step through your images. You can adjust the settings for your thumbnails: assign height and width values that make sense for your use, You can even resize your originals at the same time if you want.

TNGen likes to work with a whole directory of files at a time; drag and drop a folder into the app, or browse to the directory you want. Choose names for your newly created thumbnail images, so you can keep track of who's who.

TNGen is a free Windows application. It should run on any Win32 platform from Win95 on up.

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