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PDF files are everywhere. The Portable Document Format file has become the de facto standard for sharing files between platforms, and for making publications available on the Web. While the fine folks at Adobe would love for you to buy their full-blown Acrobat application to create PDFs, you don't have to spend that kind of cash to get very good results.

There are many desktop applications that let you save documents as PDF files. There are also many web sites that make that kind of functionality available to you online. Macs even have it built into the operating system. Tomahawk PDF+ goes one better than any of these.

Rather than having to create your document in another application and then go through some gyrations to convert it into a PDF, Tomahawk PDF+ includes a WYSIWYG editor that lets you create files and save them directly into PDF format. In addition, you can tweak your document's security settings, so that folks can look at your content—text and images—but can't copy it to use for their own purposes, protecting all your hard work.

Tomahawk PDF+ is free for personal use. It should run on any Win32 platform.

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