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runs on Windows
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How many different ways can you say "shut down" to your Windows computer? Whether it's logging the current user off, going into standby or hibernation, rebooting, or really shutting down and turning the power off, they're all different flavors of "shut down". If you're sitting at the console, it's easy for you to do any or all of these things. If you're not, it's much more complicated.

You may be shutting a machine down remotely, where you don't have access to all the nice GUI tools Windows makes available for this task. Or you may be running a script or other automated process, and you want things to shut down after you've created a big archive, or backed up your system, or even completed a big download, even though you went home hours ago. All this and more can be accomplished with DShutdown.

With an easy-to-configure set of options, DShutdown lets you choose just the type of shutdown you want to perform for your system. It makes sure that shutdowns are all "clean" so that you don't mess up your system by just "pulling the plug" before everything's been put away.

DShutdown is a free Windows tool. It should run on any Win32 system.

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