ReminderFox helps you remember appointments and "to do" items

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There are lots of ways to remind yourself of important appointments and "to do" items. You can use expensive leather-bound planners; you can set up elaborate systems with Outlook; or maybe even tie a string around your finger. Or you can use your web browser.

ReminderFox is an add-on for the Firefox browser. Like most other extensions for your favorite web browser, it's easy to install this tool. Once you're set up, you'll see a little "bow" added to Firefox's status bar (maybe it's a string to tie around your finger?). Move your mouse over it, and you'll get a tooltip-style listing of reminders and to do items you've got scheduled. Click on it, and you can add or edit new items. It supports recurring or single-time events, and lets you set alarms to remind you of what you need to be doing. You can add extensive notes to your entries, so you don't have to keep the "when" in ReminderFox, while the "what" lives somewhere else.

ReminderFox works with virtually any version of Firefox, so it's equally at home on Linux, Mac, or Windows systems. It's also compatible with many other Mozilla-based apps like Thunderbird, SeaMonkey, and Sunbird.

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