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runs on Windows
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If you design web pages, you need to know what your pages look like at different resolutions. If you build desktop apps, you need to know how big your various dialog boxes are going to be. It can all get pretty complicated rather quickly. Sure, you can reconfigure the resolution of your display regularly, or try to guess how big your dialogs should be, but maybe there's a way you can reduce the guesswork and make the whole process just a little bit easier.

Sizer is a tool that lets you do just that. Move your mouse over the window you're interested in, until you get a "resize" cursor. Right-click on that, and you'll get a list of width-and-height combinations that you can apply to the window. Along with the predefined sizes, you can also add your own custom size combinations to Sizer. You can also add this functionality to the system menu you get when you click the application icon at the left end of any title bar. Sizer also lets you check out a window's current size, without your having to resize it.

Sizer is a Windows application. According to the author, it doesn't work with Vista.

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