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We use automation in so many areas of our lives. Web, email, PowerPoint—the list does go on. But in most cases, all of that gets forgotten on Sunday morning. Most church services depend on hymnals and worship books, photocopied service bulletins and handouts. Is there a way to bring the automation we've come to expect in the Board Room into the Sanctuary?

Zionworx is a tool for multimedia presentations in church. It is designed primarily for displaying song lyrics to congregations and other large groups, With its extensive integrated song database, you can focus on the formatting and appearance, rather than on getting the words right. It also supports PowerPoint presentations, so you can make those an integral part of your program. You save paper, while keeping everyone's eyes looking forward, instead of down at a pile of printed pages.

Zionworx is a free Windows application. It runs under Windows 98 or later. To display lyrics you'll need a computer with two video outputs (one for your local monitor and one for display) and a multimedia projector, television, or large-screen display.

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  1. SS Mhlungu says:

    I hope this software will reveal new things for our church and community.

  2. Savio Gaspar says:

    Can you please forw+ard me the key for the software as its giving me trouble w+hile accessing.

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