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Where would we be without compressed archive files? They simplify organization of your documents by taking anywhere from a few to thousands of documents and putting them together in nice, neat bundles. Add to that the fact that these are generally then compressed, and you've got not only convenience, but also a substantial savings in terms of the space that your files take up.

The bad news is that there are so many different formats of these archive files, that some day you will run across a format that you've not seen before, and may well have a problem opening it. Or the converse may also be true: you need to supply somebody with a specifically-formatted archive, when you don't have the right tool to create it.

TUGZip is a kind of Swiss Army Knife for archiving files. It can create and extract from many of the most popular formats. In addition, it can create and extract several disk image formats as well. It also integrates into Windows Explorer, so that you can right-click files and folders to create archives.

TUGZip is a free Windows application.

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  1. Natalie says:

    Another great free program. I’ve been looking for a freeware zip and unzip program that is compatible for most formats. Thanks!

  2. Theng says:

    TUGZip is hard to download, if really willing to let user try please make it easy download.

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