Chandler: The Note-to-Self Organizer

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Chandler calls itself a "note-to-self" organizer. At its simplest, it's a desktop app that lets you keep track of calendaring, tasks, and your own notes. Color coding helps you to see what's happening "at a glance". Alarms help you to keep track of your important appointments and meetings. It recognizes that notes and appointments can be tied closely together—think meeting agenda items—and lets you manage them both with the same tool. Use it as your own integrated personal organizer, and you're in good shape.

But it also is built to allow collaboration through its acting as a web application, and then adds a file-sharing and back-up service. Now everybody on the team has access to the notes and calendars, so it's easy for everybody to be on the same page all the time.

Chandler is an open source application. It runs under Linux, OS X, and Windows.

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