Control Your Desktop with WinSplit Revolution

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When you're really "in the zone," work-wise, how many windows do you have open on your desktop? Three? Six? Too many to count? Do you find yourself spending more time [ALT]+[TAB]-ing between windows than actually doing anything with them? You may want to join the WinSplit Revolution.

By tiling windows across your desktop, WinSplit Revolution helps you keep all your applications visible while you work. Now it's easy to change focus from your web browser to your word processor by just clicking inside its window. You choose how to lay things out, letting you tile your windows, as well as resize them. It supports hotkeys that allow you to snap windows to specific, predefined locations. It's especially helpful on widescreen displays, helping you to use all this real estate more efficiently.

WinSplit Revolution is a Windows application. It's free for non-commercial use. It runs under Win2k, XP, and Vista.

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  1. JettingSpike says:

    I have been using Aero Snap ( to do essentially the same thing, albeit with a more limited feature set, but simpler activation. If you have any problems with alt+tabbing a lot, then you may want to look into TaskSwitch XP ( which replaces it with a much more user-friendly menu.

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