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Your website doesn't exist if Google doesn't know about it. Or at least it might as well not exist. With the number of sites on the Web growing by the minute, your only hope of having anybody drop by for a visit is for your site to be found in Google and the other search engines. Taking it to the next level, while finding your site is vital, it would be nice to be sure that the site's interior pages are found also.

Gone is the day when you needed to submit your site to the search engines. Nowadays, the preferred method for search engines to find your content is simply to follow links to your pages. If you can't submit your pages, how do you make sure they're found? Welcome to the world of the sitemap.

Lots of web sites have sitemap pages to help their human visitors find their way around, but the sitemap were talking about here is specifically for the search engines' robots. Creating a specially-formatted XML version of the sitemap page for the spiders to look at helps to make sure that they visit—and index—all the content on your site.

Diadematus for Google is a tool that will build a sitemap that is compatible with the requirements for Google, Yahoo, and the other major search engines. You won't get bogged-down with hand-editing piles of XML code when you turn Diadematus for Google loose on your site. Easy to set up and simple to run, it takes care of all the heavy lifting and helps you on your way to higher visibility on the Web.

Diadematus for Google is a Windows application. It also requires the .NET Framework.

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