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runs on Windows
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The easiest way to learn a language is to be born into a culture that speaks that language. That's fine, but not so flexible. You can sit through hours and hours of class, or spend a small fortune on tutoring or even software tools that can help you. Are there any alternatives to these?

How about the free Interlex tool? A Windows application, Interlex lets you create vocabulary lists in any of several languages. Not just a listing, it then allows you to drill on your newly-learned words. The authors claim that just 20 minutes use a day will dramatically improve your mastery of your new language. You can also import word lists from any tool you may currently be using. It supports multiple keyboards, so you can easily use non-English keyboards, or you can add language-specific characters on your English keyboard.

You should be able to run Interlex with any Win32 version of Windows, from Win95 on up through Vista.

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