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If your Windows desktop is constantly a mess, maybe it's time to impose some order on it. With various windows of different sizes scattered across the landscape, it's a wonder you can get anything done.

MaxTo is a tool that helps you to organize your desktop—technically, it's a "tiling window manager." What that means is that you get to define regions on your screen. Once you've done that, when you click a window to maximize it, instead of filling your entire screen, it will resize to fill the region where it's sitting when you tell it to maximize. If you divided your screen into four equally-sized regions, maximizing a window would then make that window fill only a quarter of your screen. If you've got a window that really does need to fill your entire display, it's easy to bypass the tiling functionality by just holding the [Shift] key when you maximize your window.

MaxTo is a Windows app. It runs under XP and Vista, and requires version 2 or higher of the .NET Framework.

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  1. Kenneth says:

    While not exactly the same, I use WinSplit Revolution. It doesn’t specify areas for programs like this, but it has customizable hotkeys to rearrange windows in varying locations and sizes, which means maximizing a window will still maximize it, but they can be quickly rearranged with hotkeys.

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