Yawffer keeps an eye on system load

runs on Windows
screenshot of Yawffer

Your computer's a busy place. Bits and bytes flying back and forth. Data being shuttled into and out of memory. How can you keep track of what's going on?

Yawffer is a slick little tool that lets you keep an eye on just that. Sitting unobtrusively in your System Tray, when you activate Yawffer, it displays pertinent data—current time of day, CPU load, data currently transferring on your system, and available system memory—as strings of text on your desktop. It doesn't even take up a window of its own; it literally just layers over the top of any open windows on your screen. Just press a user-defined hotkey, and you too can see what's really going on with your system.

If you want to get more deeply involved in the behind-the-scenes life of your system, you can also display a list of currently-running processes, and even suspend any of them if you'd like. It'll also spit out a list of your current network connections.

Yawffer is a free download. It runs under Windows XP or Vista, and also requires version 2.0 or better of the .NET Framework.

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