Affixa: attachments made easy

runs on Windows
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If you're a big fan of desktop integration, then you appreciate the fact that, for instance, you can take a Word DOC and send is as part of an email from inside Microsoft Word. Unless you use an online email tool like Gmail or Yahoo's mail app, that is. Then you're out of luck. Until now.

Affixa takes integration one step further by letting you use online mail services to do just this. Now when you need to send your new report or spreadsheet from an Office app, you can attach it to a message on Gmail.

In addition to this core functionality, Affixa also uses a kind of "shopping cart" model in collecting attachments for your email. Just wander around your desktop grabbing the files you need to send, and Affixa drops them into a basket that, once it's time to send your message and attachments, lets you select the files you're interested in. It even supports multiple baskets, so you can build some pretty complicated lists of documents, making sure they all get to the right place.

Affixa is a Windows download, and it's free when used for your own personal use. If you decide to use it for work or any other organization, you can buy a license for about three bucks (2 GBP) per year.

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