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As you may know, when you delete a file on your Windows system, that file isn't really deleted. Instead, the areas on your hard drive that the file occupies are marked by Windows as "available" for new data. That means that in the interim—the period between when you "delete" it and when it's actually replaced by new data—your file isn't really gone. Anybody can use one of the readily available un-delete tools out there to grab what you thought was gone and bring it back to life. Not much of a problem if it's a copy of your last letter to Mom; much more so if it's last year's tax return.

Freeraser is a tool of the "shredder" class of utility apps. Its purpose in life is to really, really delete files. You can choose the level of deletion you want here—"fast" which overwrites your data with random info; "forced" goes over your file three times (which meets the requirements of the DoD 5220.22M standard), or "ultimate" where your data is overwritten 35 times. Not much is going to be left after that type of destruction.

If you're actually getting rid of your system, we recommend that you physically destroy hour hard drive—break the case open, drill holes through the platters, that sort of thing—but if you want to keep using it, then a shredder like Freeraser is the way to go. It might not be a bad idea to use it on your USB drives from time to time also.

Freeraser is a free download for Windows.

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  1. Sofia Hogan says:

    Wow, another cool app for Windows. Getting rid of age old files is a timeless problem…this gives us some level of comfort! Thanks!


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