Put your mouse scrollwheel to work with KatMouse

runs on Windows
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Any more, a mouse without a scrollwheel isn't much of a mouse. We've come to depend on them for getting around on web pages and other situations where there's a lot of real estate to cover. That's a long way from the first mouse, basically a brick with a button on it.

Windows and many software applications don't take full advantage of all that a scrollwheel can do for them and their users. That's where a tool like KatMouse comes in.

Normal Windows behavior with a scrollwheel is that you can scroll the window that has has focus when the mouse pointer is over that window. With "universal scrolling", KatMouse lets you extend this functionality, allowing you to scroll any window that you are hovering over, whether or not it has focus. For apps that don't support scrolling, you can use the scrollwheel to move windows up and down as they are stacked on your desktop—much quicker than using [ALT]+[TAB] to cycle through windows repeatedly. Preferences let you customize mouse behavior for different applications and different types of windows.

KatMouse is a Windows app. It runs under WinNT / 2000 / XP / Vista.

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2 Responses to “Put your mouse scrollwheel to work with KatMouse”

  1. mac says:

    Two more things I would like to see in this software:

    1. background window automatically get active when cursor is over it

    2. active window automatically get transparent when cursor move to other window

  2. simi says:

    No option to rotate through all open windows using mouse wheel + keyboard combination

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