Create trashed files intentionally

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Ah, for the good old days. You used to be able to get out of almost any jam by claiming that the dog ate your homework. After all, what could you do to stop him? It's not your fault, right?

Fast forward to today. You pretty much can't use that old chestnut any more. If your canine companion really did take a bite out of your term paper, then you need to just go back to your computer and print out another copy, right? Rats! Foiled by the technology.

File Destructor 2.0 is the electronic equivalent to the hungry dog. Rather than eating your printed document, this tool eats the electronic file itself. Actually what happens when you visit their site is that they will create a broken file for you, that you then can (try to) pass off as a real file that just got munched. Enter a filename, a size, and choose a file extension (they offer DOC, TXT, XLS, and more), and click the button. They'll hand you back a file that from the outside looks like a legitimate file, but contains nothing but gibberish inside.

Now when you've been playing video games or watching DVDs instead of writing your insightful analysis of the Fall of the Roman Empire or the current economic crisis, you have something to hand in.

File Destructor 2.0 is a free service. And we probably should remind you that it's best used for entertainment purposes, and not to really try to pass its handiwork off to your professor or boss.

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One Response to “Create trashed files intentionally”

  1. Liam K. says:

    So it pretty much creates a file with a given size full of random characters? o.o