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Whether you're a big-deal IT person or just guy (or gal) with a website, you're still faced with the same reality—you need to know whether your site's up and running. Whether you're a blogger who wants to get your pithy observations out there, a webmaster running an e-commence site, or a network admin who's responsible for servers all over the place, you need to know that your systems alive and doing their thing.

Net Monitor is a tool that can help you keep an eye on what's going on. Choose the frequency with which you want to check to make sure that things are happening out there, and feed it a list of web pages or mail servers you're monitoring, and it will tell you when these guys are up and running—or when they can't be reached, which may mean that there's a problem out there. In addition, you can use this tool to monitor any reachable machine, either by hostname or even IP address. Now when your server decides to take a break, you'll be the first to know. Because nobody wants to get the dreaded "I can't reach your site" email from a visitor who wants to buy what you've got to sell.

Net Monitor is a free Windows download.

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