Minimize application windows into their title bar

runs on Windows
screenshot of WinRoll

There are all kinds of ways to get unused windows out of your way on your desktop. You can drag them off the side, you can minimize them, you can stuff them behind other apps. Now you can roll them up like window shades.

Back in the day, Finder in pre-OS X MacOS would let you "roll up" an application window into that app's title bar. The name of the application would still show, but the contents of that window were hidden. It helped remove some of the clutter, while leaving everything else pretty much intact. You can now do the same thing for your Windows box with WinRoll.

Coded all in assembly language, WinRoll is fast and compact. Once you roll your windows up and out of the way, it's easy to drag them around the screen and stack them in whatever order makes sense to you. You can even minimize everything to the System Tray and really clean things up.

WinRoll is a Windows application.

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