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runs on Mac
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If you lay out web pages, or cobble together desktop apps, then you have at least a passing familiarity with GUI design. Putting all the various dialogs and controls together can be rather challenging, making sure they all fit on the screen and play well together. How big is that space? How much room is there left to work with?

Free Ruler is a free on-screen ruler that you can use to figure this all out. Reminiscent of a carpenter's square, it has both a horizontal and a vertical arm. Choose your units—pixels, picas, centimeters—and start measuring. Crank up the transparency of the rulers, and you can literally see through them; dial it back and you'll get opaque rulers that make it easy to see dimension markings against a busy background. Built-in calculators make it easy to convert from one set of units to another.

Free Ruler is, umm, free. It's a Mac application, and should run on just about any version of OS X.

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  1. Michael Krueger says:

    Do you know of a version of this program (or a program like this one) that will run on a PC? I do quite a bit of graphic design where this type of tool would come in very handy!

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