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One of our favorite rants is on the importance of making good backups. It's not very flashy or exciting, but no amount of begging and pleading will bring back your data when you've got an app that goes crazy and trashes your documents, or (gasp!) your hard drive goes south and eats everything on your system.

FBackup tries to help making your backups as painless as possible. Using a wizard, you define your backup job—which files and directories you want to save, where you want to store them, and when you want the backup process to run—you can run it automatically or manually. You can choose to compress your backups as well, saving you storage space.

By default, backups are created on the same partition where your source files are coming from, but you can direct this tool to put them on a removable drive, or even to a remote location on your network. You can also designate actions to execute before- and after your backups. You can set a backup to run unattended at oh-dark-thirty in the morning, for example, and then log off or even shut down when the process is complete.

FBackup is a Windows application.

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2 Responses to “Easy-to-use Windows backup application”

  1. Keith says:

    Awesome for a free utility. Much better and more flexible than ACEBackup.

  2. Claudiu says:

    Agree with Keith, FBackup is quite good, i like it better than Cobian (fired ACEbackup long time ago).

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