Digsby multiprotocol IM client

runs on Windows
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How many different IM tools do you use? You've got friends on AIM, co-workers on MSN, mom uses ICQ, and on and on. You haven't got enough real estate on your desktop to have all these apps open at once, but you want to stay on top of things. Maybe you need to check out Digsby.

At its heart, Digsby is a multi-network IM client. You can interact with users on most popular messaging services. But it's also got functionality that goes beyond just instant messaging.

It can also help you stay on top of your email. It notifies you when you receive new mail, whether that's through your desktop POP account, your network's IMAP mail, or even several of the popular webmail tools, like GMail, Hotmail, and more. It even hooks into many social networking sites, to let you know what your friends are all up to.

Digsby is available to Windows users. They've got versions lined-up for Linux and Mac users as well, although those aren't available yet.

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4 Responses to “Digsby multiprotocol IM client”

  1. Eia says:

    If you want to get themes and stuff for Digsby, check out the digsby community website, http://digsbies.org – there’s also a wishlist for new features there the devs check at least every week.

  2. max says:

    That’s the best IM client i had so far. Very handy and awesome features.
    Thank you very much!

  3. y0himba says:

    It’s unfortunate the maze of adware and toolbars that you need to get through in order just to install the program. It was grat when it first started out, now it has degenerated into a cash cow with no plugin support.

  4. awhan says:

    the comment by yohimba made me shudder… no thanks 🙁

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