SlipBox helps you keep track of all the bits and pieces

runs on Mac
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Whether it's a fist full of little sticky notes hanging off the side of your monitor or a bunch of scribbles on a legal pad, we've all got little bits and pieces that we have to try to keep track of. Maybe these little tidbits aren't the most important things out there, but they are important enough that we really don't want to lose them. The problem is, assuming that your little slips of paper don't get caught in a gust of wind blowing across your desktop, is that your chances of finding a particular little piece of paper are going to go way down as the number of those little notes increases.

SlipBox is a tool to help you organize all those little slips of paper. Now instead of jotting down a little note and losing it, you can type it into SlipBox and just file it away. Unlike your physical pile of paper, SlipBox incorporates power search algorithms that help you to find your notes again quickly. Not only can you search the content of your slips, but you can also add keywords to your slips, allowing you to quickly find what you're looking for. Keyword "scents" allow you to see relationships between related slips, helping you to stay even more on top of your data.

SlipBox is a tool for your Mac. It runs under OS X version 10.4 or later, although they do still have older versions if you are still on Panther (10.3).

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  1. thetankh says:

    For cross-platform purposes, and sync capability, I would imagine Evernote is a better solution?

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