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When you send an email, you are employing the services of an SMTP server. Simple Mail Transfer Protocol is the standard for sending mail across the Internet. Typically you use a server provided by your Internet service provider for this important function, although if you run your own network, you may have your own SMTP server already.

Free SMTP Server lets you put a mail-sending server on your computer. This could be especially helpful on a laptop if you travel around a lot and may plug-in to a lot of different networks which may- or may not be interested in passing your messages along to the big wide world out there. Running a server on your own machine means that, as long as you have Internet connectivity, you will be able to send mail. It also gives you at least a bit more privacy in your electronic communications, since your messages are now passing through one fewer servers out there in the world.

An important thing to remember, though, whenever you host your own mail server, is that you do increase the possibility that your machine may be co-opted into sending bad things out across the 'Net. You'll want to be extra careful that you have a good antivirus app and that your firewall is up and running, to help make sure that you and your machine don't become unwitting participants in various spamming exploits.

Free SMTP Server is a Windows app.

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  1. Votre says:

    Nice little mail tosser.

    Unfortunately for many of us, recent actions by most of the major US ISPs to limit spam won’t let you use this app. ATT, for example, doesn’t allow outgoing SMTP on anything other than it’s own SMTP servers. All other SMTP packets get filtered.

    Business accounts may request an exemption to have their own mail server – but they need to provide reasons and sign additional agreements with ATT to do so.

    Bloody! So much for privacy…

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