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If your Windows computer had a brain, it would be the Registry. Tucked away in here is all the information that your system needs to know that it's a computer, and not just a door stop. The Registry keeps track of which types of files belong to which applications, which printers your system has available, how it behaves on your network, and about a zillion other things.

As you use your system, more and more bits and pieces of information get tucked away in the Registry—you add apps to your system, you get a new printer, new users are added, and so on. After a while your once pristine Registry gets full of "stuff", and it doesn't always work and play well together. Like a brand new baby, who enters life so clean and pure, and later morphs into the moody teenager, as your system continues to run, it tends to get bogged down with its experiences, and it may no longer be on its best behavior.

Wise Registry Cleaner is a tool that can help you to give your system a tune-up. It helps you get rid of all the extra junk—maybe leftovers from a long-since-removed application, or pieces of a botched install. Just turn this tool loose on your system, and it will dig through and find all the junk that may be bogging your system down. Before it does anything drastic, it will present you with a list of what it found, and ask you to confirm any tweaks or deletions that it wants to perform. In the interest of safety, it has a built-in backup facility, so that if you do remove something you shouldn't have, you'll be able to get it back with a minimum of hassle.

Wise Registry Cleaner is a Windows application. It'll run on just about any Windows system from Win98 on up, including 64-bit versions of XP and Vista.

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  1. y0himba says:

    wise registry cleaner free is Nagware, displaying a nag to get you to buy the “Pro” version after an amount of time, and tries to trick you into downloading the Disc Cleaner product they have at the end of the install. Be sure to uncheck the Disc Cleaner download at the end of the install, and do not fill in your email address during the install. I checked this using a disposable email, and immediately received 3 spams after install.

  2. sairamg says:


  3. eBay says:

    It great product and i love it. Thank very much.

  4. Jeannie says:

    Just backup your registry before messed up with your windows registry. Try also some other software…

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