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Holidays are a wonderful time: friends, family, celebration, and traditions. Often we associate these primarily with Christmas. But what about the other big days in the year? There's a certain Jolly Fat Man in a red suit who gets all the publicity, but what about that Large Springtime Rodent*, The Easter Bunny? Easter's a big deal too, and it deserves its fair share of attention.

Free Easter Printables can help you get off to a good start with your Easter celebration. They've got an "in" with the Easter Bunny, you know. You can even download a letter from The Easter Bunny from their site. There's a whole collection of letters, ranging from your garden variety letter, to special ones for Easter morning, letters addressed specifically to a boy or girl, and even one specially written for the grown-ups.

Along with those holiday letters, Free Easter Printables has a whole collection of Easter Coloring Pages. You can grab more pictures of Easter Eggs here than you can shake an Easter Basket at–a great way to keep the little ones entertained until the big day. is a free service.

* Yes, we know that rabbits are members of the order Lagomorpha and not Rodentia, but work with us here, OK?

Download Free Easter Printables

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