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Whether you're working on several different computers, or you have files and documents you need to share with a bunch of people, the biggest challenge is always keeping everything synchronized. It's not going to help you get anything done if you're not all reading off the same page.

Live Mesh is a tool that lets you sync and share files. Install the app on each target system and you'll always be able to keep things in sync. You'll be notified whenever any of your files change, so you'll know that folks are accessing your shared data. Or you can take advantage of the Live Desktop, a virtual Windows machine that lets you access files from anywhere you have a web browser. For Windows systems, you have access to a remote desktop, allowing you to "drive" the other machine from around the block or around the world.

Live Mesh is compatible with systems running Windows, with most of its functionality available to OS X users as well. There's a subset of features that's even available with many phones.

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