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Where did I leave that file? Whether it's a newly-downloaded image or a document that got saved in the wrong place, we've all experienced the panic of not being able to find a file that we've just been working with. While you could go searching for the missing item, digging through directory after directory, it's far preferable to use your computer's search functionality to locate the runaway file.

Windows, like most modern operating systems, does include a tool to help you find files like this. Unfortunately, it's not the fastest thing around. If you want to find that file just as fast as possible, maybe you should give Everything a try.

Everything is a local search engine. It helps you locate files and directories based on their filenames. You can't use Everything to search based on file contents, but it more than makes up for this shortcoming with the speed it demonstrates. The secret is that it automatically indexes all the files and directories on your system, so that when it's time to search for something, you've already got a database of the contents of your hard drive, so you're just looking things up, rather than having to run through your entire directory structure at search time. It supports wildcards and regular expressions, so you can make your search queries very specific when you enter them.

Everything is a Windows application. It runs under Windows 2000 and later, and will only index local NTFS volumes—no FAT volumes, no network drives.

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One Response to “Find your files with Everything search engine”

  1. megaman says:

    I have been using this program for over a year. It’s simply AMAZING! Windows Search wasn’t thorough nor as fast as this one, so I recommend it.