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runs on Windows
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XML is kind of a Swiss Army knife of computer languages, especially when it comes to working with data. While it can be used in the creation of web pages, it really comes into its own when used to help make sense of data. With XML you can present data across platforms and organizations without having to translate from one proprietary format to another.

Since XML is textually-based, you can do all the manipulation you need of your code via a plain-vanilla text editor. That's fine, until the complexity of work increases; at that point, it's useful to have some help, often in the form of an XML development environment—a dedicated tool for the care and feeding of your XML code.

XMLPad is one such tool. Rather than leaving you at the mercy of the utter flexibility of XML, it helps you to organize your data and code, so that you can keep track of what you're really doing. Along with a regular text editor, it's got a grid view that lets you examine your data as an outline, with the ability to edit values in your code right there. Or you can examine it all in Diagram View to really see how all the pieces tie together.

XMLPad is a Windows application.

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