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If you've moving files around—upload, download, all that—you know that it's not always the easiest thing in the world. While a lot of your download activities can be taken care of by your trusty web browser, that's generally a one-way street. If you need to upload files, whether to your web server, social media sites, or what have you, you've got to fire-up your FTP client.

Okay, it's not the end of the world to have to bring another tool into the mix here, but since you're already browsing through a directory full of source code or photos, wouldn't it be more handy if you could, oh I don't know, maybe right-click on a file and upload it from right there? That's exactly what Rightload does.

Rightload is a tool that helps you upload right from inside of Windows Explorer. Just pick your files, right-click on them, and off they go. Along with those files being moved up to their destinations, this tool also gives you the URL where you've just sent them, so it's easy to drop the new location into a web page or an email message.

Rightload is a Windows application.

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