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Can you ever get enough video? Whether you get your fix from TV, YouTube, or the latest video podcast, you just can't get enough of that stuff. Maybe it's time to check out a video player that takes it all as seriously as you do.

Miro is a free high-definition video player. It can play just about any video format you want to throw at it. It's even got a built-in BitTorrent client that will keep an eye on your favorite shows for you, downloading the newest episode for you so you'll always be ready to watch. In addition, it gives you access to tons of content—over 6,000 TV shows and podcasts at last count.

Rather than relying on streaming video, Miro actually downloads files to your local drive. That means that you can watch your shows even when you're offline, like on a plane or in that really boring meeting.

Miro is free, open source software. It's available for Windows (XP or later), Mac (OS X 10.4 and higher), and many Linux systems.

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  1. megaman says:

    What would make it different from the KMP?

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