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When it comes to writing code for computer programs, the most basic tool you have at your disposal is a plain old text editor. Whether you're looking at Notepad on the PC, TextEdit on the Mac, or even Emacs or vi with the *NIX crowd, you can code just about anything without needing anything more. Of course, that's like saying that if you know how to swim, you shouldn't have any problem getting from New York to London either. Yes, you could do that, but there might be a more efficient way to go.

As with our swimming scenario above, there are more efficient and faster ways to code a page of HTML or a chunk of C++. A tool like SourceEDIT is one of those.

While you can easily enter the plain, unformatted text necessary for writing source code, you've also got additional tools that can give you a big leg up on the process. Syntax highlighting allows you more easily see keywords and variable names in your selected language, and they support PHP, Perl, HTML, and a host of others; heck, you can even add your own if you only write in Ada or FORTRAN. It helps speed you on your way with bookmarks and workspaces, and it even has built-in FTP support, so you can do everything from within your editor.

SourceEDIT is a free download. It runs on your Windows system.

Download SourceEDIT

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