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runs on Windows
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It's not too exciting, and certainly not very sexy, but there is a computing fact-of-life: files need to be moved from here to there. Whether you're copying files to make an archive or literally moving them into a different location, you need a tool to let you accomplish this high-tech sleight-of-hand.

All operating systems come with the ability to copy and move files. That doesn't mean that they will complete this task with the greatest speed or efficiency. Sometimes you need a specialized tool to get the job done right. RichCopy is one such tool for Windows users.

Unlike the lowly "copy" command in a terminal window, or the drag-and-drop we've all become accustomed to, RichCopy lets you do more, and do it faster. It lets you simultaneously copy files from different locations on your system, rather than making you move things one file- or one directory at a time. In addition, it copies multiple files in parallel, so that it gets the job done much more quickly. You can pause and re-start your copy process, so if you need to interrupt yur work, you don't have to go back and start over again. While RichCopy comes with a swell GUI, you can also run it from the command line.

RichCopy is a free download.

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