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When you get a nice, new computer, all the data stored on the hard drive is laid down in a clean, compact way. Over time, of course, you add new stuff—new programs, new data, new documents—and delete old and out-of-date files. After a while, you've got pieces of files and documents scattered all across your drive. While this may be an attempt to store your data more efficiently, it isn't necessarily the most efficient way to retrieve data from your system. After a while, it can really slow your system down. You may need to defragment your drive.

Smart Defrag is a tool you can use to help organize the data on your hard drive. Like all defrag tools, it moves your data around, putting all the pieces of this file or that document in adjacent locations on your drive. This means that when you go to bring-up the Johnson proposal, you're not going to hear your hard drive searching all over the place to find all the pieces of that file. That means that you'll be up and running faster. And unlike most disk defrag tools, Smart Defrag is always running in the background. That means that you'll never get into a situation where system performance becomes an issue, since it's always keeping an eye on things.

Smart Defrag is a free Windows application. It's designed for Win2k and later systems.

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4 Responses to “Defragment your hard drive with Smart Defrag”

  1. megaman says:

    One of the best freeware defragmenters out there, but have you tried DiskTrix UltimateDefrag?

  2. motman says:

    DiskTrix UltimateDefrag is NOT FREEWARE and so your comment has no relevance to this site.

  3. megaman says:

    They do have a Free Edition version, and I use it on many computers. Prove me wrong if you want, but I just want to know if anyone has tried it.

  4. maneff says:

    I tried it too and am continuing to use it! It’s so fast and the way it stores files (rarely used files etc.) is just great.
    I run it at least once or twice a week and can tell you IT REALLY PIMPs THE PERFORMENCE of READING and WRITING on HDD. It’s just great in combination with ReadyBoost.. the difference is radical!
    I recommend using SmartDefrag (or any other defrag soft)

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