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With computers, as in "real life", we all like it when things do what they're supposed to do, and don't do what they aren't supposed to do. You buy software, you want it to work correctly: draw a pretty picture, figure your taxes, take you to that cool new web site. What you don't want are things that email your credit card numbers to the bad guys, or trash your hard drive, or bring your network to its knees. WinPatrol fits into this latter category.

To help keep your system in good health, it takes a snapshot of your system's registry and other critical data, and then watches for changes. Unlike an antivirus tool that looks for a particular signature in executable files, WinPatrol zeroes in on behavior instead. We all know that everybody's trying to build a better mousetrap—or a more nefarious exploit to mess up your system—and with traditional virus protection tools, you always have to worry about the so-called "zero day attacks"—new nasties that are let loose out there before there's a fix for them. With these older style tools, you can't be protected from something that the tool has never seen before. WinPatrol has no such vulnerability.

WinPatrol is a free download. It runs on Windows systems from Win98 on up, and there's even special instructions for Windows 95 users.

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One Response to “Keep your system secure with WinPatrol”

  1. Chris Lewis says:

    I have used WinPatrol for years on my PC’s, but have now switched to a Mac. I will have to find out if it works on a Mac.