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Did you ever need to tell somebody how to do something on their computer? Some simple instructions are easy to talk through, but when things get more complicated, there's nothing that can substitute for showing them how to do it. That's all well and good if they're sitting at the next desk, but that's not so easy if they're halfway around the world. For that, you need a video capture tool that can record what you do on your screen, that they can look at later.

ScreenToaster is a free tool that helps you to do just that. It doesn't require a huge download, although it does need to stick a Java applet on your system, and it should run on any computer that supports Java, which means that most Windows, Mac, and Linux systems are good to go.

All you do is click the button, and start doing whatever it is that you want to record. Create a tutorial, where you demonstrate how to create a tutorial—you get the idea. When you're all done, you can send your handiwork via email, or embed it in a web page or blog.

And don't worry: ScreenToaster doesn't leave screen crumbs.

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