Secure your system by reciting your Privacy Mantra

runs on Windows
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You're pretty careful in your computer life. You don't accept cookies that aren't from sites you're visiting. No pop-ups for you. You dump browser history regularly. But you're still leaving traces of everything you do on your system.

Your browser isn't the only thing on your machine that likes to keep track of where you've been and what you've done. Windows itself likes to make a record of things as well—and it doesn't want to let you get rid of this data either. Privacy Mantra can give you a hand with that.

It keeps an eye on all the places on your system that make a record of where you've been, and lets you dump that data. It recognizes potential security compromises and deals with them accordingly. Whether it's web browsers, Microsoft Office applications, or even RegEdit and crash logs, nothing's out-of-bounds for this tool. If you've been there, and your machine's got a record of it, you can probably erase it with Privacy Mantra.

Privacy Mantra is Windows NT/2000/XP/2003 compatible.

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One Response to “Secure your system by reciting your Privacy Mantra”

  1. Liam K. says:

    How does this compare to utilities such as CCleaner?