Easily browse and edit XML files

runs on Windows
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XML—Extensible Markup Language—is the latest and greatest way to share data between systems and platforms. It's an open standard, so there's no worries about getting stuck in some proprietary format that may go away, or be so tightly controlled by its publishers that you'll need to pay to get your data back. No thanks.

While XML is flexible, it's not always the easiest thing in the world to work with. With its combination of markup tags and text, you can get some files that are pretty big, and kind of nasty to work with—one false move, and you've broken your data. What you need is an editor that can help you make sense of all the potential that XML brings to the table.

XML Marker is one such tool. When you load your data into its editor, the Tree View gives you a hierarchical view of your information. It's easy to drill down into the specifics, and then the Tree Selection Browser lets you easily tweak your values, without your having to fear that you'll smash the structure of the file at the same time.

XML Marker is a free download for Windows systems.

Download XML Marker

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