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You're a busy guy (or gal). You're running a bunch of programs, and your toolbar is just packed full of application icons. If "cleanliness is next go Godliness," then you've got an ungodly mess here. Maybe it's time to tidy things up.

TrayEverything is a tool that lets you take your application icons and stick them in the System Tray. But what have you really gained if you just go from a crowded toolbar to a crowded tray? You can take it beyond that: make that icon go away completely. You can even password-protect your hidden icon—helps you keep that important, um, work-related application you were working on—or maybe it was MineSweeper—secure Or you can group icons together so now where you once had five icons, you've got only one.

Minimizing application windows is easy—just double-click them, or you can hit the minimize button, and away they go. You can even choose to have inactive windows minimize themselves. That seems pretty handy.

TrayEverything is a Windows application. There's an ANSI version for Win95/98/ME, and a Unicode version for Win2k and later.

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  1. Liam K says:

    Sounds pretty cool.

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