Read and write ext2 filesystem from Windows

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If you're looking for the best of both worlds, you may have a dual-boot system. Fire your computer up, and then decide whether you're going to run Windows, or if today's more of a Linux day. Now you've got the support and application availability of a Windows system, with the flexibility of a UNIX-like box. While this is exciting stuff, you know you're bound to have issues now and then. Like when you're running Windows but really need something that lives on the Linux side.

Ext2 IFS For Windows is a tool that lets you access your Linux files while you're booted up in Windows. As the name would suggest, you can access your Linux ext2 filesystem from Windows. This is real access, too—it supports both read- and write for your files. And if you're a more advanced Linux user and have an ext3 filesystem, that's fine too. You access it in the same way, you just don't get the journaling support that comes with ext3. Your Linux volumes get Windows-style drive letters, and every application on your system can access your data directly.

Ext2 IFS For Windows is, as you might expect, a Windows application. It will run under WinNT, Win2k, and later.

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  1. Pandora says:

    This is a great app. Make sure your software is current if using Truecrypt – used to be issues …PC just crashed on trying to load TC filesystem

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