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We're always excited about little tools that help make our lives easier. Anything that helps to make sense out of all the little bits-and-pieces of information that we need to keep track of is a good thing. We've recently added another of these to our list.

Jreepad is a Java reworking of the classic TreePad tool that we've looked at earlier. Whereas TreePad is strictly Windows, Jreepad will run on any system that supports a Java Virtual Machine, which includes OS X as well as various flavors of *NIX.

It uses a tree structure to organize your notes hierarchically. Individual notes are entered as "nodes" on that tree. Branches can be dragged around to reorganize your thoughts, so you're not stuck with your original organization scheme if it becomes clear to you that a different one might work better. Enter your notes in plain text, or format them as tabular data, or you can even mark them up with HTML. Jreepad has a powerful search capability, so it's easy to find just the info you're looking for. You can also create hyperlinks within your document, so it's easy to jump from place to place.

Jreepad is available as a .dmg file for OS X users, a .zip file for Windows installations, and as a platform-independent .jar file for everybody else.

Download Jreepad

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  1. Liam K. says:

    Looks nice. I’ll try it out.

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