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We can't emphasize enough the importance of backing up your computer. All it takes is one system glitch to send your vacation photos—or your business—into cyber-oblivion. Keeping an archive of your critical data is so important.

Of course, concerns like this could easily lead to overkill. When you buy insurance, you purchase protection for costs you yourself wouldn't be able to afford, but nothing beyond that. That's why, for example, when you buy fire insurance on your house, you aren't paying for protection to the ground under your house, since the dirt doesn't burn so easily.

In the same way, when you back up your machine, you generally don't back up that which you can easily replace. You've got the distribution media for your operating system, applications, and the like. No sense backing up what you've already got on CD. But there is a third type of data that you might want to look at.

When you load Windows onto your system, that's often just the start. You've got a bunch of different peripheral devices—printers, scanners, that sort of thing—each of which has some special drivers to allow them and your computer to talk to one another. After a system crash, it's no trivial matter to go out and find all those drivers again and reinstall them. That's where a tool like Driver Magician Lite comes in.

A free tool, Driver Magician Lite lets you easily back up the device drivers installed on your system. Now when your box dies, or you decide to upgrade to the latest and greatest, it's no big deal to get your system up and running.

Driver Magician Lite is a Windows application. You can use it on systems running Win98 or later.

Download Driver Magician Lite

3 Responses to “Backup Windows device drivers”

  1. Click on your download link and you see the company’s product comparison chart. Driver Magician Lite does not have “Device drivers restoration.” Ego it is not freeware it is a demo with limited functionality, in my opinion.

  2. henry chapman says:

    What good is a backup if it cannot be restored? Click on your download link and you see the company’s product comparison chart. Driver Magician Lite does not have “Device drivers restoration.”

  3. nottmdon says:

    Theres no such thing as a free lunch is there lol ? It would appear that restoration of the drivers is not included in this “freeware” although I suppose you could go ahead and download it and try to see if you can restore it yourself but hey I can do that myself without another programme download.

    I guess it gets harder and harder to find “true” freeware progs on the internet nowadays but at least it gives an idea of what is available for those who may be interested. I am passing on this particular free lunch as the plate may turn up empty!

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