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If you're a teacher, corporate trainer, or somebody else who has to create and use tests, you know that it's not a trivial thing to put them together. Not only do you need to have mastered the content and be able to generate questions that elicit good responses from your students, but there's also that whole logistical end of things as well. You can spend a lot of time setting-up and formatting the test itself. While this is important for your test takers, it may not be the best use of your time and efforts.

EasyTestMaker is a tool that helps take the tedium out of creating testing instruments. Use your smarts to get the information into the system, and let it format the test for you. Choose from multiple choice, true / false, short answer, and others. You can separate sections with different types of questions. Add headings and instructions between sections to make your test document more useable.

Save your tests and you've got access to them again and again. Input more questions and they're added to your library. You can print your tests out—even formatted for Microsoft Word—along with answer sheets.

EasyTestMaker is a free online service. Registration is required, and they promise you won't get spammed for your trouble.

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