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Can you ever get too much music? Back in the day, if you had a big collection, that meant that you had piles and piles of 12-inch vinyl disks. Even further back, I suppose there were all those wax cylinders to keep track of, but that may be a bit extreme. Now, of course, you can keep your entire collection on your computer's hard drive, or on your trusty iPod. So that covers recorded music.

There's a whole other world of music out there that involves actual musicians. Sure, they're the ones that record those MP3 files you're addicted to, but there's a rumor that there are still musicians out there who create music "on the fly" in things called "concerts." Generally the tunes you've got in your collection are a pretty good indicator of the type of music you're interested in listening to—otherwise why would you have them anyway? So now here's tool that helps you bridge the gap between recorded music and the live performance.

iConcertCal is a plugin for iTunes that takes a look at your music collection and then generates a list of upcoming concert events in your city. It's nice to listen to your records, but you add a whole new level of excitement to your musical life when you get to hear this stuff live in concert. iConcertCal keeps an eye on events in the US, Canada, and the UK, and even has links to purchase tickets.

iConcertCal is available for both Mac and Windows systems.

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