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There's a lot of cool web server-based software out there. Unfortunately, it takes a web server to run it. You may not want to spend the time and effort to set up a server, but it'd be nice to use that new tool. What you need is a true zero-configuration server setup. You might want to check out Server2Go.

Built as a full-featured web server, Server2Go can be run from read-only media. That means rather than having to go through all the hassle of installation and configuration, all you need to do is pop-in a CD-ROM or USB drive, and you've got an instant server. And this isn't some cut-down version either. Based on Apache, it supports PHP, MySQL, Perl, and more. You're probably not going to want to build your whole website on this platform, although if you did you'd certainly not have to worry about somebody hacking in and messing with your configuration.

Server2Go is for Windows systems, and runs under just about anything from Win98 through Vista. They've also got a Mac version under development (x86 only—no PowerPC).

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  1. Just checking this out since I am just now learning about how to set up my own web site.

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