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When you delete files on your Windows system, they really aren't deleted—they're moved to the "recycle" bin. That means that you can un-delete them, if the need should arise. More than once we've each gone in there and done exactly that. That's pretty easy stuff.

Fast forward now to somewhere further down the road. The recycle bin has a bunch of stuff in it, and it's time to "take out the trash" and dump its contents. Or maybe you've deleted a file knowing that you really never wanted to get it back, so you held down the Shift key while you deleted it. Either way, your file is no longer in the recycle bin—it's really been deleted. Having done that, you know the time will come when you decide that you really, really need to get that file back. What's easy to resurrect from the recycle bin has just become a serious problem.

Restoration is a tool that helps you un-delete the deleted. When those files were deleted by Windows, they really aren't gone, rather, the space they occupy has been flagged as available for re-use. If you recently deleted a file and you haven't done much since then, your chances of being able to restore the file are reasonably good; if, however, it's been a while, or you've had a lot of activity on your hard drive, your chances of bringing your files back can go down dramatically.

A free Windows tool, Restoration is compatible with systems running any 32-bit version of Windows, from Win95 through Vista. It works on both FAT and NTFS volumes.

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2 Responses to “Restore deleted files with Restoration”

  1. Liam K. says:

    How is this different from Recuva?

  2. Petruc says:

    I’ve been using this tool for more than one year and it works very well, specially when run right after the accidental deletation… it shows the latest deleted files very quickly and restoring is very easy and straight forward. Also, it doesn’t have to be installed, you simply run it.

    It also has a wipe empty space function, which remove the data lying around from deleted files, so it cannot be recovered. This function, though, takes a lot of time to complete.

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